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James Dierker

James W. Dierker Photography[artist for hire]

Yarram, victoria


James Dierker lives in Australia. He loves fishing, cooking, and capturing special moments through a lens. He has been a photographer since the 70’s. His adventures have lead him from working in tackle shops to an event where he was cooking for the president’s wife! James first fell in love with photography when he found some old camera equipment from the 30’s in his grandfather’s basement and started experimenting with it. He attended the Art Institute of Chicago and worked as a photo technician in the dark room then becoming a photographer himself. He put down the camera for 30 years while he became a chef at prestigious restaurants and casinos in places from California to Chicago and Australia. He has recently come back to photography and has quickly learned and put to good use the new technology and options available to this art form.

James recently found buried treasure in his brothers basement when he uncovered 40 year old negatives that he had forgotten over the years. These are from the days when he was hangin’ with the bumbs and exploring Chicago and the adventures it has to offer. You can see this beginning work as well as current pieces on his website.
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“Photography captures space, time, and history and preserves it. You almost feel like a time traveler capturing these little bits of life’s history. It’s nice to walk through life and through nature and stop and appreciate what’s given to you. It’s a real privilege to be able to record it. It may not be here for ever.” -James Dierker

Written by Jamie Johnson at: fineartamerica.com/groups/artist-bios.html http://www.abc.net.au/tv/artpost/default.htm


got a itch by James Dierker


seaward bound by James Dierker


butterflies are everywere by James Dierker


bring in the clowns by James Dierker


A FACE by James Dierker


port albert by James Dierker


the morning wait. by James Dierker


out here in the feilds by James Dierker


forgotten but not unloved by James Dierker


jar by James Dierker